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An Introduction

Joshua on the lookout moose hunting in Alaska

Stories from the Mountain is an idea I had one day sitting on the side of a mountain in Alaska. I was thinking about how I could share the feeling of being in the bush and matching my wits with the incredible animals that live there. How I could make people feel what it was like to be up here, to experience it along with me. That was when I realized I could share some of it with writing, helping the reader to be transported to these remote locations via the written word. Stories from the Mountain was born, but it would be years before I began to pursue it again.

Now here we are years later! This is the first blog in the series. As with most things, I will use this first post to take the time and explain what this blog is going to be about. Mainly, it will be a place for us to share our experiences and stories from when we are out in the bush and the "gypsy lifestyle" we live. Who is the “we” you ask? My whole family, that’s who! We will all be writing and sharing different blogs. As of now a lot is still in the planning stage, but I know Jeff and I plan on sharing hunting stories and Cyndi and Sarah plan on sharing some tried and true Bush Recipes. We will try and keep these regularly updated in the off-season, writing one maybe two a month and sharing them with you. Make sure to stay in touch and watch our Facebook page to see when we have posted a new one. This is going to be very fun, not only for us to write, but for you to read. If you have ever wanted to know more about the Chadds, our lifestyle, or some stories from our travels then you may want to stay tuned!

That is all for now as I have more work to do on the website before it’s live. I hope you have enjoyed this introduction into our blog!

Until next time,

Joshua Chadd

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