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One Hell of a Year!

As the year draws to a close, we can’t help but look back at the successful season we had in 2017—from spring grizzly hunting, to fall dall sheep, moose, grizzly, and brown bear in Alaska, to finishing up with antelope and mule deer in Montana. We’ve been blessed with a business that continues to thrive as we meet new and old friends in the mountains year after year. We were able to send almost all of our clients home with trophies and some of the biggest we’ve ever taken! But that is only part of why this was such a successful season. When looking back at a year’s success, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers, we harvested that many sheep and this many moose, etc. However, that is only a part of what the success is all about that we aim for as a business.

It’s also about the adventure, the experience—climbing high into the mountains after sheep, down into the brush after moose, or through rolling sagebrush hills in search of muleys. We at MMO, not only strive to send our clients home with a trophy, but with the experience of a lifetime—a hunt they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Because a hunting trip is not all about the kill; it’s about the “hunt.” This has been and will always be our goal: to provide the best hunting experience possible. Our 2017 season was a huge success in this area as well. We would like to say thank you, to all of our friends and clients we shared this season with. You are what makes this job enjoyable year in and year out.

Hey hey the gangs all here!

Hey hey, the gangs all here! (Left to right) Nick, Grant, Sarah, Joshua, Cyndi, Tigger, Tazz, Jeff, Bryan, Caleb, and Alyssa.

We’d also like to thank to our packers who helped us out this year—Grant “Rook” Wickes and Nick “Fatty” Schlosser. This was our first year without horses. We were skeptical going into it, as packing a 150 pound moose quarter on your back for up to five miles is tough work. That doubt was unfounded and our two packers kicked ass! They not only packed out all five moose (everyone chipped in a little from time to time, even the girls) but they kept an upbeat attitude all season long. We’d also like to thank Mack, for helping us guide down on the peninsula for brown bear. We’re proud to call them part of the MMO family for this past season and wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors!

We’re proud to announce our newest Alaskan Guide, Bryan Griffin! Bryan has been working with us for three years now but this was his first year solo guiding (per Alaska regulations stating you have to pack for two years before you can get your assistant guide license). He was able to get his clients on a great sheep on day two, a huge sixty inch moose on day three, and a nine foot brown bear on day one. Bryan has been a huge asset to the business over the past few years and is part of the family now! We’d also like to offer a big Majestic Mountain welcome to Sky Smith who’ll be guiding for us on the peninsula for brown bears. This was his first year guiding for us, but not his first year guiding in Alaska. Sky is an experienced guide and a great new addition to the MMO family. We’re blessed to have both Bryan and Sky working with us and hope they continue to stick around for many years to come!

As Christmas approaches, we at Majestic Mountain Outfitters would like to say thank you for making this year one of our best to date. Here’s to more friends met, memories made, and trophies taken in 2018!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from the Chadd Family!

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