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Camp in the Flying X in Montana
Cook Shack Montana
Inside the cook shake at Flying X
Client Cabin at the Flying X
Inside the client cabin 1
Inside the client cabin 2
The couples cabin in Montana
Inside the couples cabin in Montana
The Love Shack on the Bighorn Ranch


Majestic Mountain Outfitters operates on 50,000 acres of private ranches in southeast Montana. One of our ranches has been in the owner’s family for over a hundred years. The ranch country is varied: from gumbo and sage brush to grass and ponderosa pine. We primarily use four-wheel drive vehicles and lookouts to spot-and-stalk hunt. We have permanent camps with a cook shack for meals and relaxing, individual sleeping cabins for our hunters, and hot showers. We take a limited number of hunters to keep the tradition of the same quality hunts we offered when we first started.

Species Hunted

We hunt turkey in the spring and mule deer, elk, and antelope in the fall. We have both single species and combination hunts available depending on the dates. The deer and elk are five day hunts and the antelope and turkey are three day hunts.

Fully Guided

These hunts are two-on-one, with two clients accompanying one guide. Most of the time two buddies are coming together to share in the experience. If you come alone, you will be paired with another hunter, but we make sure both hunters leave happy and with their trophies.


We have multiple ranches leased in southeastern Montana that total 70,000 acres. The main ranch we have hunted for over three decades and is 55,000 acres. 


The camp has a cook shack for eating and relaxing at the end of a hard day. The hunters have their own cabin they share with their buddy, with portable heaters to cut the chill in the mornings and nights.


The meals at camp are prepared by our phenomenal cook and are home cooked and delicious. We usually have sandwiches for lunches and take plenty of snacks for the day.


We will meet you in Forsyth and take you into the ranch from there.

(If you are flying to Montana you will need to arrive in Billings and rent a vehicle.)

Physical Condition

The deer and antelope hunts are as physical as you want them to be, but coming in shape always helps make a better experience and more successful hunt. The elk hunts are more physical and you will need to come in good shape and ready to hike up to 5 miles in a day.

License & Tags

All the tags are on a draw system, you must apply for the tags before the deadline on April 1st to be able to hunt that fall (if you have enough points and you draw). 

Success Rate

The success rate varies between species, but usually we have a high success (95%) on our elk, deer, and antelope hunts.

Hunt Dates

Our spring turkey season is in April.

General antelope season opens the beginning of October and continues until the beginning of November.

Archery elk opens beginning of September and continues until the middle of October.

The general season for deer and elk opens the end of October and continues till the end of November.

We would love to talk with you and get to know you, so please contact us for more information, prices, and availability of our hunts.

Also check out the gallery to see our successful hunters and their trophies!

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