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What our hunters have to say...

I highly recommend MMO as your Outfitter of choice for an incredible hunting experience in Alaskan. I spent a very enjoyable week with Josh Chadd moose hunting. Great guide! Not only did I fill my tag with a trophy of a lifetime. I experienced the true Alaskan wilderness that I will have memories of for the rest of my life!


Guide(s): Joshua Chadd

Ken Carter

Alaska: Moose - Montana: Turkey

I’ve hunted with Majestic Mountain Outfitters four times. Two beautiful rams, a great moose and and the mule deer of my dreams. I’m going back for brown bear. I consider the Chadd family friends and would recommend them to anyone. They are honest and professional outfitters. The one thing that I’ve found unique with Jeff and his family is that they want the hunters to kill as much as the hunter wants. That adds a lot to the excitement and enjoyment of the hunt.


Guide(s): Jeff & Joshua Chadd

Doug Chapin

Alaska: Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Moose - Montana: Mule Deer

Dear Jeff, Cyndi, and the Gang,

Thank you again for the most “amazing hunt ever.” Love hunting with you and I am thrilled with the trophy sheep we took. I hope you have a successful rest of the year hunting.

Guide(s):  Jeff Chadd

Keith Davis

Alaska: Dall Sheep

My first hunting experience with Majestic Mountain Outfitters was in 2007 for Montana mule deer. I showed up as a client and left as a friend, returning in 2011 and 2016 for mule deer. Also in 2011, I hunted moose in Alaska with Joshua Chadd, which was the hunting experience of a lifetime for me. I would recommend MMO for your next hunting experience in Alaska or Montana!

Guides(s): Jeff & Joshua Chadd

Terry Dreyer

Alaska: Moose - Montana: Mule Deer

I have hunted several times with MMO and have had nothing more than incredible experiences. I have hunted mule deer, antelope, turkey, black bear and grizzly bear with the Chadd family and have been very successful. The majority of my success was in spending time with great people. Majestic Mountain Outfitters are like family to me. They go out of their way to make your experience a memory of a lifetime. I highly, highly recommend them as an outfitter.

Guides(s): Jeff, Joshua, & Caleb Chadd

Robb Gustafson

Alaska: Grizzly & Black Bear - Montana: Mule Deer, Antelope & Turkey

I hunted with MMO in 2013 for Dall sheep with Jeff guiding me and Cyndi taking care of camp. I had a fantastic hunt, but more important was the rest of the time spent in camp after the hunt: relaxing, enjoying what Alaska has to offer and spending time with the Chadds. From the time of booking the hunt, ALL arrangements were excellent with no worries on my part. My wife and I will be doing a turkey hunt shortly in 2017 and I'm also looking forward to spring 2018 for brown bear with MMO. Can’t wait!!!

(After Brown Bear hunt):

Jeff, I want to thank you for an extremely great hunt. One of the reasons I love hunting with you and your operation is the details that I DON'T have to worry about and can concentrate on my part of the hunt. Hope the rest of your season is successful and everyone stays safe. 

Guide(s): Jeff Chadd

Henry Haas

Alaska: Dall Sheep, Brown Bear - Montana: Turkey

This past November, I hunted with Jeff and his team for the seventh time.  It seems that each year the hunt with Jeff is more enjoyable and successful.  I look forward to hunting with Majestic Mountain Outfitters again this upcoming November.

Guide(s): Jeff Chadd

Larry Hines

Montana: Mule Deer

Majestic Mountain Outfitters is THE place to go for a Dall Sheep. You might find outfits a couple thousand cheaper, but you won't find anyone that can give you a higher opportunity. MMO has a near 100% success rate on Dall Sheep. Beyond the successful hunt, the entire remote experience and beautiful mountain terrain make this a trip of a lifetime. I also saw first hand the great bear and moose they also hunt.

Guide(s): Joshua Chadd

Rob Lay

Alaska: Dall Sheep

For the third time this year I was able to hunt mule deer in Montana with Jeff and his crew at Majestic Mountain.  I could not be more pleased with the hunt.  The property hunted is both expansive and beautiful, and very rugged.  My guide for the hunt was Bryan and he worked incredibly hard to put us on some great animals, culminating in the harvesting of a mature buck.  But more than that, hunting with Jeff and Cyndi takes me back to my days growing up hunting with my own family.  It just has that special feeling (not to mention Cyndi’s incredible cooking).  I look forward to returning for years to come.

Guide(s): Joshua Chadd & Bryan Griffin

Tracy Larson

Montana: Mule Deer

This is a 5 star operation! I hunted moose with Caleb, what a great guide and wonderful family.  I have been all over the world with many outfitters and one of my most favorite hunts was with this family. My name Mac Macaluso and I will help out anytime.

Guide(s): Caleb Chadd

Mac Macaluso

Alaska: Moose

Beyond blessed to harvest my first wild sheep! 
There are moments in life that are beyond words. Majestic Mountain Outfitters has provided several such moments for me recently. I couldn't hold back the tears as a lifelong dream was realized. I am blessed to be surrounded by people that support and encourage my love of adventure and am so thankful for my friends at MMO! Majestic Mountain Outfitters is the best of the best!

Guides(s): Jeff  Chadd

Chad Stearns

Alaska: Dall Sheep

Truly one of the best outfitters I have ever used. Awesome people who always do their best to make, not just your hunt, but also the overall experience the absolute best. Can't wait to go to Alaska this spring with them.

Guides(s): Jeff & Caleb Chadd

James Ware

Montana: Mule Deer

I have hunted Alaska six times, shot the African dangerous stuff, and pretty much had a lifetime of great hunting adventures. During my hunt with Majestic Mountain, I made a poor first shot on a big bear. The efforts of my guide were absolutely critical: he came through in a difficult situation and led to a great success.
All aspects of the hunt were handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. My guide, Sky Smith, was top notch... exactly what you’d want: smart, tough, and a gifted personality. In addition, the support system was first class.

Guides(s):  Sky Smith

Joe Weiss

Alaska: Brown Bear

I’ve hunted with Majestic Mountain Outfitters two times now and plan to go back!  What a great outfit to make memories with!  I cannot say enough about this family and their operation. I went up for a moose in the fall of 2014 and came back with a moose (taken off hand at twenty-eight yards!)  and a whole pack of new lifelong friends.  The Chadds run a super organized camp, serve up excellent meals and serve up a whole lotta laughter.  And on top of all that they’ve got trophy animals!!!  I was so impressed with this whole outdoor experience that I even took my husband in 2016 for Grizzlies!!!!  I would highly recommend MMO and the Chadd family for any hunt you may be planning… you’ll not regret it!

Guides(s):  Jeff & Joshua Chadd

Perri Wheeler

Alaska: Moose & Grizzly

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