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Jeff Chadd


Jeff has always had a love for the outdoors and after moving to Alaska in 1984, he pursued guiding as a career by gaining his Registered Guide license in 1988.  He worked for other guides/outfitters until 1989 when MMO was started. In December of 2000 he achieved a major accomplishment by becoming a Master Guide in honor of his mentor, Clark Engle.  He has guided various hunts in many states and has acquired his outfitters licenses in Colorado  and Montana  along with Alaska. He focuses his energies on actively guiding and outfitting in Alaska and Montana by continuing to provide a viable lifestyle for his family.  

Cyndi Chadd

Owner/Head Cook

Cyndi was always intrigued with the Pioneer lifestyle growing up in Nebraska, little did she know that she would live that lifestyle when she met and married Jeff.  As Jeff pursued his guide career, Cyndi taught elementary school for a few years but as the business began her career changed.  She became the chief cook and bottle-washer in addition to acquiring the other skills that it takes to help run a business.  In the same year she found herself the co-owner of a lodge and a mom, raising the Chadd boys in the bush of Alaska.  Through many years of traveling, home schooling and living the “gypsy lifestyle” one thing  remains constant – family!

Joshua Chadd


Joshua has always had a passion for hunting and the outdoors and growing up in the bush of Alaska developed and grew this passion. When he was seven years old he killed his first deer, at twelve he took his first trophy, a brown bear, and by fifteen he was accompanying his father into the mountains of Alaska as a packer. In 2010 he started guiding, and by 2014 he acquired his Registered Guide license. He continues to guide in Alaska and pursue his passion of hunting along with running a small publishing company with his wife, Sarah. He plans to pass on the hunting tradition and love of the outdoors to his children just as his father did.

Caleb Chadd


Caleb grew up with an adventurous spirit which helped lead him to his part in Majestic Mountain Outfitters. He started out helping in the kitchen with cooking and then eventually out in the wilderness packing moose, bear, and sheep. At the age of eighteen he enlisted in the Marines and his time away made him realize how important family was. When he returned home, his adventurous spirit made him jump at the chance to become a pilot for the business. During the hunting seasons he enjoys the unique experiences the vast land offers and the chance to spend so much quality time with the family he loves.

Alyssa Chadd

Camp Helper

Alyssa joined the Chadd family & MMO crew in 2016. She has always had a passion for active and hard work, so working in the wilderness was right up her alley. Throw any task at her whether it deals with cooking, cleaning, shoveling gravel, chopping wood, or hiking for miles on end and she will love it. As a faith based personal trainer, wellness instructor, and group fitness instructor Alyssa is continually seeking fun and new ways to stay connected with God, be active, and stay healthy. She has found many of her answers to that quest during her time in Alaska. Amidst the hunting season her favorite things to do are airstrip runs with Jesus, scouting for blueberries, packing moose meat, moving heavy rocks, and developing close-knit relationships to the people around her.

Bryan Griffin


Bryan grew up chasing critters in the swamps of Florida. Ever since he was old enough to walk his father and uncles would take him hunting out in the woods or fishing out on the water. While growing up he continued to carry on the family tradition of hunting and fishing with childhood friends. He always wanted to find a way to make a living doing what he loved. After emailing close to a hundred outfitters in the US he came across Majestic Mountain Outfitters and instantly fell in love with the family. They took him under their wing as if he was one of their own. The great guidance from Jeff, Joshua and Caleb has taught this flat lander from Florida how to conquer the vast mountains of Alaska. Once the hunting season is over he starts to count down the days until he returns to the bush with this amazing crew! He now resides in Montana to live closer to his dream job and he couldn't be happier where he’s at.

Ben Pettway


Ben grew up hunting and fishing in the mountains of north Georgia and spending summers on his grandfather’s ranch in Montana. He always knew he wanted to pursue a lifestyle that involved the outdoors, specifically hunting. For a while, Alaska was only a dream in the back of his mind but, much like Bryan, Ben made it happen by contacting countless Alaskan outfitters and instantly clicked with the Chadd family. He loves the ruggedness and sheer beauty of Alaska and the challenges of hunting big game in the true wilderness. From chasing big game in Alaska and Montana for much of the year to running dogs and quail hunting in the winter back down south in Georgia, Ben lives the nomad life, moving with the seasons. No matter where he is or what he’s hunting, Ben is no doubt happiest in the great outdoors and wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything.

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